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Heating & Cooling Systems Installation & Maintenance

Vanak Mechanical is committed to performing installation, repair and maintenance throughout the GTA.

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Air Conditioning Systems

We make repairs to all name brands and types of air conditioning units. Let our experienced and certified technicians provide you with the guidance and support to make the right decision for your service, repair and maintenance needs.

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we offer an extensive plan to maintain hot water and steam heating systems to make sure they operate safely and efficiently. We can also install new boilers should they fail beyond repair.

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Gas-Fired Furnaces

Getting annual check-ups for your furnace is not only a good idea to ensure it runs smoothly, but also to ensure the homeowners health and safety as well. If you experience your furnace leaking, it can be detrimental to your health.

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Humidifiers work to keep the level of humidity in your home under control, therefore it has a highly important job. The temperature and resulting comfort in your home is directly affected by the amount of humidity in the air.

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HVAC Services

Are you concerned that your HVAC system is not operating safely and efficiently? If so, then you need a reliable company to perform a thorough inspection and provide you a detailed and clear report.

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Radiant Floor Heating

Technology has enabled this system to become highly popular over the years. This is because before you could only get radiant floor heating when you first built your home, but now professionals can add it later.

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