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How to Save On Your Water Heating Bills

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No one likes to pay high utility costs, so finding creative ways to lower how much you pay for your water heater’s energy is a great starting point. In most urban homes, the water heater presents as one of the highest consumers of energy in the home, the first being the HVAC system. There is no manual switch for the water heating unit like there is for the HVAC system, or your lights, or the other electrical appliances in your home. Since you can’t turn it on and off at will, you have to find other ways to limit the amount of time it spends sucking up the wattage. Hopefully, our list of tips will help you reduce the amount you spend monthly on your water heater bill.

Saving Money on Water Heating

Forego baths – We don’t mean that you should stop getting clean, but instead of a tub full of hot water, opt for a shorter shower instead. Even if you don’t want to quit taking leisurely soaks, cut them down to only the weekends to save on your electric bill. It takes a lot of water to fill a tub, and even more, energy to heat a tub full of water. Also, consider turning off the faucet while you condition and shampoo your hair to conserve hot water.

Lower the temperature – This is pretty easy to do and will allow you to save hundreds of dollars per year on your water heating bill. Any activity that uses hot water, such as washing clothes, taking a shower, or washing dishes, opt for warm or cold water instead of fully hot water. Another way to save on the bill is by making sure to always do a full load of clothing and dishes with each cycle.

Upgrade – Older water heaters use much more energy than newer models in addition to holding less water. Upgrading your unit to a tank that is energy efficient will reduce your heating bills dramatically and instantly. Here at Vanak Mechanical, we offer a range of water heating and plumbing services that are designed to save you money while increasing your comfort.

How We Can Help

Lowering your water usage and reducing your monthly water heating bills will lower your overall utility cost and save the environment in the process. We are committed to helping you reduce your carbon footprint and increasing your saving on energy by using your available resources more economically.

Water Heater Maintenance, Installation, and Repair

Vanak Mechanical is owned and operated by a unique family of plumbers who is dedicated wholeheartedly to your satisfaction. Call our office today at (416) 278-3895 for more information on our water heater maintenance install and repair options. We also have an emergency line in case you need us, we can come out all hours of the day to meet your emergency needs. Give us a call today to set up an appointment, or to ask about our various services to see how we can help.