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Top 9 Reasons Why to Install a Smart Thermostat

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Smart thermostats of the future are more than simple adjustment panels for your air conditioning and heating. Since they are jam-packed with so much new technology, they are able to do much more for you as a homeowner than ever before. Here is our list of 9 reasons to install a smart thermostat in your home today.

Adaptive Learning

There are thermostats that have learning functions built into their programming. By using their sensors as well as tracking your adjustments over time, they are able to understand your temperature needs and adjust to them automatically. This will allow you to think about your heating and cooling needs less often as the seasons change.

Movement Sensors

These sensors allow your thermostat to understand when people are active at home, or when they are sleeping or the house is empty. This will help with temperature scheduling which will result in better energy efficiency over time.

Smart Device Compatibility

Smart platforms continuously advance, and these advances allow you to exchange information between all of your devices. If you have a smart air purifier and a smart humidifier, you potentially can have your thermostat control their functions.

Energy-Use Tracking

You are able to see just how much energy is being used through the reporting function on the thermostat. You can also find out how that usage compares between seasons. Using this information, you can budget your energy bills accordingly. On some devices, you can also get suggestions on how to adjust temperatures in a way that will save money.

Reduced Energy Bills

By using the energy savings advice provided by your smart thermostat, along with manual adjustments, you can perfect the temperatures in each zone of your house in a way that will reduce your overall energy cost. Homeowners can save on average 10%-15% on their cooling and heating cost over time when they install a smart thermostat.

Improved Temperature Visibility and Controls

Unlike older versions, smart thermostats have large interfaces with clear, easy to read temperatures. This allows you to read your current temperature at a glance, often even from across the room.

Control from Your Phone

You can control your music, your TV, your lights and even unlock your garage door with your phone so it should come as no surprise that your smart thermostat can also be controlled in the same way. There are many apps for just about every operating system that will allow you to check your temperature, turn your system off or on, or change the temperature all from the ease and comfort of your Smartphone.

Voice Commands

Like most smart products, your thermostat is also equipped with voice command technology. This allows it to be controlled with your voice which lets you make changes without even getting up off the couch. It’s a great option for pregnant women or the elderly who find moving often difficult.

App-Based Scheduling

Most smart thermostats can be operated from far away, or even from outside the home. With compatible applications, you can create both heating and cooling schedules in-app. This is even easier than pushing buttons, and it’s also a great way to take more control of your weekly energy usage.

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