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Explaining Common Air Conditioner Problems

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Summer months can get very hot and tend to require the need for an icy blast of cool air to give you relief from the burn. But what if your air conditioner doesn’t want to cooperate? Vanak Mechanical is here to help service all of your air conditioning needs. It can be hard to understand just what the problem may be, or if you need to call in a professional, so we have listed the most common problems faced when it comes to malfunctioning air conditioners.

Blowing Hot Air

What’s worse than being stuck in the heat during summer? Well, to be stuck inside with an air conditioner that is blowing hot air instead of cold. If your system is running, but the air that is coming out is hot, you may need to check to see if your coolant levels are low. The experts here at Vanak Mechanical are happy to come out to check your levels and top up your Freon if required.

Your Fan Is Stuck

You condenser fan plays an important role in keeping your house cool. If your fan isn’t moving, then the cold air isn’t getting circulated to where it needs to be. There are many reasons a fan can fail, in most cases, once it fails, it will need to be replaced. Make sure to also check your system to ensure that the drainage systems are not clogged or restricted, which is a common issue in locations with high amounts of humidity. If your fan is on the fritz, give us a call to help you get your chill back.

Improper Cooling

Before calling for service make sure your thermostat is actually set to your desired temperature. Often, we may change the setting and forget to lower it, or someone else may have changed the setting. If your unit still doesn’t produce the right amount of cool air, take a look at the air filter. Sometimes a dirty or blocked filter is the cause of improper cooling and can be remedied easily. If you have a window unit, or if you are using a central unit, but find that your house is always warmer than desired, it’s likely that your air conditioner is not the right size for your room or property.

Short Cycling System

When your air conditioner unit turns off and on repeatedly, this is called short cycling. This problem could be due to a few reasons. Most often, the evaporator or condenser needs to be cleaned. A simple cleaning is usually enough to do the trick, but if you live in high humidity areas, your system short cycling may simply be due to it having to work harder to cool the space.

How We Can Help

If your air conditioner needs servicing, it’s time to call Vanak Mechanical at (416) 278-3895. We are happy to set up a time to come out and diagnose your cooling troubles and craft a solution that fits your needs and your budget.